How long does it take to carry out repair/replacement?

The time to repair the windshield will be 30 minutes or less while the time taken to replace a windshield is 60 minutes or less. After that, it all depends on how quickly the adhesives dry up, and this process usually takes around 60 minutes or so. Although the duration may vary depending on the vehicle’s make, you shouldn’t drive the car at least 60 minutes after the repair/replacement process is completed.

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Things You Need to Take Care after a New Windshield Replacement in Toronto

Today, we are going to discuss what you need to do after getting a new windshield replacement.

1) After the installation of a windshield, you need to check that it is installed properly. Go for a test drive to check for the gaps or bubbles and if any noise is coming due to air leakage from around the windshield.

2) Complete the warranty papers after the installation and ask the technician what covers under the warranty and how to claim if needed.

3) Take good care of your new windshield after the replacement for at least 24 hours. This duration is important to keep it safe from any harsh impact to your car. Also, don’t close your doors very hard. The first 24 hours will make the windshield gasket to seat and seal perfectly.

4) You need to avoid the car wash for at least 3 days after a new windshield installed. A car wash can damage the windshield seal. Don’t remove the special tape used by the installer to protect the installation for at least 24 hours.

5) After the new windshield replacement, you need to change the driving route of your home. Your route may have an area with ongoing construction or road work and a random rock or road debris can damage it again. Changing the route might be a good idea to protect your new windshield.

These are some useful tips to keep in mind to take care of your newly installed windshield. As an auto glass repair expert in Toronto, we can provide all the needed information for a repair or replacement.

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Things You Need to Know Before Hiring an Auto Glass Repair Company

When people choose the car to buy, they think about design, comfort, engine efficiency, reliability, and many more things. Very few understand the importance of auto glass or windshield for their safety.

Your car glass can get damaged by road conditions, weather issues, or rash driving. If your auto glass is damaged, you need to either contact your dealership or choose an auto glass repair shop to fix your glass. Even your insurance company may recommend an auto glass repair shop. However, before choosing a windshield repair shop, you must consider few points below:

  • Repair First: There are many auto glass repair companies that will directly tell you to replace the glass or windshield even if that glass can be repaired. Small cracks are easy to repair with the adhesive kits available in the market but for complex ones, you may need professional help. Always choose repair before replacement and safety before price
  • Quality Matters: Sometimes you get quick services for your auto glass repair but at that time you need to check the quality of the work and the material used for repair. Generally, polyurethane is used more over silicon to heal the cracks. A quick bad fix or repair might seem cost-efficient, but it may compromise your safety. For e.g. if your auto glass repair shop didn’t re-calibrate your lane departure system camera, your vehicle’s lane departure system may not work. This can be dangerous.
  • Save Time: You must be aware that the repairing process usually takes between 30-60 minutes . Replacement takes more time as there is a drying time involved as well. If you are short on time, pick an auto glass company that provides mobile service.

If you are looking for an expert for your Windshield Replacement in Mississauga then, call us at (416)-740-7779. We provide the best auto glass repair services in Mississauga, North York, Toronto & GTA.

Why is It Important to Go for Auto Glass Repair Before It is too Late?

It is important to get an auto glass repair when you have a small crack or chip on your windshield or glass. If you are ignoring a chip or crack in your vehicle glass then you are putting yourself into a dangerous situation. No matter how small or tiny it is, you should quickly go for an auto glass repair.

So, today we are going to talk about some benefits of auto glass repair. Let’s start.

  • It Can Save You Money: People don’t consider these small and tiny cracks on their glasses and they keep driving their cars. But eventually when these cracks become big then you must change the entire glass. So, rather spending big on auto glass replacement, you should save your money by getting an auto glass repair at initial stages.
  • It Is a Faster Process: The auto glass repair process is very quick compared to auto glass replacement. It is better to get a quick repair so the car will be ready sooner and you can use it.
  • Prevent Injuries: If you have a broken car window or a small chip on your glass, your glass might break entirely if another object would hit it and it can harm the driver or passengers sitting in the car. So, to prevent injuries, you must get the glass repaired instantly.

So, these are some of the main advantages of auto glass repair. If you have a cracked windshield or glass and are looking for auto glass repair or replacement services in Toronto and GTA, then Advantage Auto Glass Repair is here for you. Call us at (416)-740-7779 for auto glass repair services today.

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